Sunday, October 5, 2008

I know. I suck.

So it turns out I know how to complain about myself. I know I haven't posted in a week. This is for three reasons:

1. I was assigned a rather tough case for my firm (I'm not at liberty to discuss the details), but it required a number of hours at the office and by the time I got home I simply was too tired to want to do any reviews.

2. I was working on a revised review system. I've acknowledged that my review system does not lend itself to evaluation of humor. I know. Hopefully I'll have it by next review.

3. I was reading my next comic. It's a long one, but admittedly I finished it earlier this week.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

For the Reels

Banner from

TITLE: For the Reels

Misc. Info
Author: "Jon and Joe from Denver". Ha! Doubtful. I mean, seriously, you expect us to believe you're from Denver? As if.
Other Works: N/A
Started: December 27, 2007
Number of Comics: 36
Voting: WS100, BCX, TWC, TWL
Incentives: No
Incentive Updates: N/A
Genre: Humor, Films
Rating: T - Some gore and sexual humor
Notes: Reviewed by author request. This comic really clashed with my review because I traditionally review while listening to disc 1 of Stadium Arcadium, but after the second comic I had to go watch the V Speech on YouTube. Damnit. Oh, also, the first/previous/next/last buttons remind me of the ATHF movie intro.

Coloring: Colored
Style: Computer generated
Effort: I'm a bit torn here. Yes, the art is crappy, but on the other hand it works for this comic. They may just be playing with special effects for backgrounds and their copy/paste keys must be on their third replacement, but things appear clear and neat. It's enough for you to get the references, at least.
General: I've resigned myself to not failing out this comic on art. Art isn't the focus here. I for one can respect someone with a good sense of humor who's lacking in the art department. That doesn't mean you net a high score for computer generated art though.

Background: There is no plot. If you want some background, watch some good movies from the last four years.
Complexity: You can take this at face value. They're just throwing out one-shotters that make fun of movies.
Clarity: Some of these jokes you just won't get if you haven't seen the movie. In fact, you probably won't get most of them. In fact, you're probably not going to get any of the jokes at all on this webcomic unless you have seen the corresponding movie, even if you read the behind the scenes bit for that comic. Sometimes it's ambiguous even to those who have seen the movie.
Substructure: N/A
Draw: Film humor. There are a lot of inconsequential chuckles you'll get out of this, but unless you are an avid movie fan or just love this style of writing, you can still enjoy this, but you don't get the full effect.
Overall: There isn't really a story to be told here. Maybe I should have approached my Barista Girl review like this (I may look into it later), but what really is on the counter to judge is if any of the film humor is at all good. Well, the short answer is maybe. The long answer goes something like this: It all comes down to accounting for taste in the end, which is why I am loathe to do this kind of review. On one hand, movies are a fairly intrinsic topic. On the other, you will have a hard time laughing at all if you take this comic even slightly seriously, or haven't seen the movies. I suggest keeping Wikipedia at hand if you are not well versed in the ways of movies. You should be especially careful around the comics that give out spoilers. For that reason, you should skip the ones that point out that Quint gets eaten in Jaws, Hal betrays Dave in A Space Obyssey, or that he's actually dead the whole time in The Sixth Sense if you are not already aware of such spoilers. On the other hand, if you're the kind of person who likes to stop in the middle of a movie (when at home), or whisper to a friend (when at the theater), about how unrealistic something was, how else it should have played out, or wouldn't it be funny if [insert something you think is witty here] happened, then this comic is probably for you.

Update: No pattern. They warn you in the news post when they have a new one or an upcoming one. They seem relatively frequent.
Site Design: Okay, I really like this. The site gives you a multitude of functions, ranging from real movie critic scores (done by the brothers J) to the "Behind the Scenes" commentary on each comic (and thank you again- this is not a news post, it pertains to the comic!). Everything is easy to access and news is at hand on the main page. In fact, the only thing I don't like is that the page feels very crowded. Crowded pages are not inviting to new readers. Ah well, it's not like the movies have ever NOT been crowded. Oh right. And get a forum. Now.
Comic Navigation: All in working order. Main page has a nice 'select your parody' archive-like function that sorts alphabetically by parodied movie name. Very nice feature- makes finding a specific comic no problem at all. Bonus points for animated buttons. The archives are done by picture, which is even better.

Art: 2. The art for this works. But simply being a utility doesn't make it perfect. The authors should consider looking into drawing their characters. I'm sure they had to put effort into these characters to even do them like this, but the comic is full of copy pasta and unoriginal positioning. Based on how much more dynamic characters look when they move and react every panel, it's something the authors should look into doing more often, even if the art isn't the focus.
Story: 3. As I said, the humor is funny, if you get it. A lot of these are just commentaries on other, more logical ways, films should have gone . Whereas others are just pure humor. Don't be surprised if these jokes are overused, cliche, or completely unoriginal. This comic is going to use some original jokes, but being a movie comic, chances you're going to see stuff you've seen before.
Upkeep: 3. You really had me going with that easy navigation, but the adverse effect that crowding your screen has on your readers is kinda like trying to enjoy a comic while someone has blaring music on. Using a sub woofer. Right next to you. Also, an update schedule would be nice, because without a rss subscription on the site, you're kinda left high and dry.
Final Grade: 3. Comics are funny. When you get them. This will be great for the wayward movie fan, but if you're not into that stuff (these are mainly classics, such as A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, etc) you won't get it. You won't always get it anyway. Ohh. Is that a double feature? Oh right. They like to roleplay a movie theatre. A nice touch. At the end of the day this will be something like several of the films it parodies: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and Fight Club. A cult classic. By definition, loved by a very devout few. This will not get widespread appeal, but it's definitely worth a look. If you enjoy it at first, you'll probably like the whole thing.

Closing Remarks
Now eat V Speech!

I'm back. And I have less vengeance

So the review on Y2CL was a bust for two reasons.

First: it's a lagfest. To read any portion of that comic takes forever because they have crappy servers and way too many adds.

Second: I felt really bad about it. First, my tone was just incredibly condescending. Second, here's an excerpt: Not only is it intolerant, racist, insensitive, objectified women, constantly makes lowbrow toilet and sex humor, but the characters are less than utterly flat. They transcend the plane of boring, flat, unrounded, cliche, and scarecrow characters. They literally make no sense at all. These characters actually score negative on a characterization scale, and that's not making an insult. There's no 'rubric' column for something this utterly pathetic. The 'latest' update was somewhat amusing, so I thought this would be an amusing satire comic like xkcd. I was very wrong. Go to any page (I've only been through the first 40) and you'll see it. But on top of that, the page is so laggy due to miserable servers and loading pages with ads. he skips logic completely and treats fillers as canon, though I'm not sure if the storyline is supposed to have any logical backing since it features a naked fairy princess that seems to love the MC despite his constant jacking off with friends. Y2CL, which I would like you to remember stands for "Y2 Christ Light", alternates between utterly failing to produce a storyline (or any form of clarity, for that matter), and making nonsensical one-shots that make seemingly less sense. I pity the poor soul who ever lies eyes on Y2 Christ Heavy. Or normal for that matter. The comic is the epitome of low-brow "humor" that probably encourages the authors to keep their identities anonymous to prevent the mass suicide of their families.

Suffice to say I wasn't pleased, and I thought if I posted an entire review of that, especially one at an author's request, I'd only be beating a dead horse. The comic puts out some legitimately funny material in their later comics (much, much later), but anything involving its convoluted storyline should be kept away from at all costs. Their one-shots are pretty good though.

Alright, Alright. I'll bugger off this coil of thought and get working on that next review. Sigh. Burned most of the day reading that slow comic. v.v

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow, that sucked. Oh well, let's try again.

For those of you who don't get today's blog reference, you can get it here. It was a placeholder quote for Kael'thas during beta test for patch 2.4.0 for World of Warcraft. I don't play anymore, but I can certainly appreciate some good developer based humor.

This is my first 'News Update' post. First off, I'll point out that I've permanently left now. I said I was moving out, but I'd still like to affiliate, and in response the site admin banned me and deleted all my reviews. Wow, that sucked. Oh well, let's try again.

Lucky for my I saved my reviews here, and I'll keep churning them out. I keep getting good suggestions that I look forward to reviewing, so keep emailing me with suggestions and I'll add them to my list (pictured to the left).

I had a lot of friends on, so I hope they visit me every once in a while.

I'm going to take this change to update you all with my system. Once again, you can look under 'Format' to see how I go about each review. If you search for stuff on my blog, you can either put "#" or "#/5" (example: 3; 3/5) and it will display all the reviews with that score. This also works with comic titles. I hope that will come in handy for my readers later.

The reason I titled this was not because of though, it's my bad this time. I felt my review of Misfiled didn't do it justice, I think it was because I was wiped when I wrote it. Expect a big update, but the scores to stay the same. Notice that I have also added a new comic to my list on the left, the list as a whole being a new addition.

I plan on taking things a little slower to pump out more quality reviews, but don't dispair, I still hope to put out at least one a day when possible (when I review longer comics this will, of course, not always be so: I was reading Misfile and Twokinds while I reviewed other comics, for instance).

I'd like to encorporate some good lulz for you though, and make this seem like an honest attempt to blog, so here we go. My try at being humand AND being funny. Let's see if I fail.

Listening to: Charlie (Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium [Jupiter])

What kind of beer does a murderer drink? (Hint: Not red rum.)

Oh God. I'll never live this down...

Anyway, good day for now, see you next update!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Banner from BCX.

TITLE: Misfile

Misc. Info
Author: Chris Hazelton
Other Works: N/A
Started: ?
Number of Comics: 1042
Voting: BCX. TWC?
Incentives: ?
Incentive Updates: N/A
Genre: Real Life, Magic, Transgender
Rating: PG-13 - Sexual themes and slight violence.
Notes: Reviewed by suggestion. Going in, the art looks pretty good. Not knowing much of the story ahead of time, the three main characters sound... unique to say the least.

Coloring: Pencil/Grayscale
Style: Manga
Effort: Not bad. Art is, for the most part, clear and looks nice. The few times there are color it looks fantastic. The comic favors a lot of simple backgrounds. It could be improved, yes, but it is quality work. Sometimes character placement is a little awkward, but strong panel variation and impressive emotion ranges create distinct characters, each with their own set of mannerisms.
General: It should become apparent from the storyline rather quickly that there will be sexual themes here. That's to be expected. There will be less than church-worthy material here, considering the angels, but it's not central to the piece. I was happy to find that not only does the art make a strong presentation, but also that the comic didn't degenerate into transgender art. Overall the art is respectable and has refined without evolving much (not necessarily bad). I'd really like to see it colored (there were a couple colored pages under fan art- someone must have done a recolor), but we all have our vices, no?

Background: A pot-smoking angel screws up and turns a high school guy into a girl, and a senior girl into a sophomore. They try to cover it up an get Rumsiel (the angel) back into Heaven so he can fix everything.
Complexity: I think John Solomon, another comic reviewer, makes a good point in one of his latest updates. While I tend to disagree with his manner of evaluation, he points out that a good writer knows his characters as he knows himself. This is certainly true of Chris, who answers questions in character that he receives on a separate email address, as the character Ash. Each character is very distinct in persona, and this is certainly not a comic of cliches. The author is a car enthusiast and knows a thing or two about cars.
Continuity: 24 fillers in over 1000 comics. Not bad. Comic flows throughout the story with no lapse in continuity.
Clarity: Clarity is fair enough. They tend to answer questions as they come.
Substructure: Split by books. Works well for archives.
Draw: The comic is a surprisingly interesting one. When I was first asked to review this, I had my doubts: I'll be the first to admit I was a little prejudiced against any TG comics. After reading it I realized that the real draw here is some actual realistic human interaction (very rare in modern comics), so even if the story isn't your thing (oh God, at first I wrote 'if the plotline isn't a turn on for you': the horror!).
Overall: Strong presentation for the story. Well rounded, deep characters help perpetuate the story, since the plot is literally what goes on in their lives. The story is not perfect. Characters do occasionally seem a little static, and often the story centers far more on Ash than Emily. One change may be more interesting, but that still doesn't explain why Ash has been the center of attention so often. The story itself doesn't have an end in sight, which isn't necessarilly a bad thing, but the fact is that there is no real driving force behind the plot. Oh well, you can't have it all I suppose.

Update: Updates every weekday. Updates have missed a couple times lately, I think they might have a new child in the family (based on news updates). I guess life happens, so it's excusable. It's certainly updating a lot more than many comics.
Site Design: Site design is strong. You'll get everything you need here and more with little issue. The Ask Ash feature is nice: you email the author on his alternate email account and he answers quests in character as the main character. Good to know someone knows their characters.
Comic Navigation: Buttons appear all to be in order. With 1000+ comics, I wish there was a search option. Archives are sorted by book number.

Art: 4. This comic looks good. But aside from that, I fail to see much of anything wrong with it, but it lacks the "wow" factor necessary for a 5. Simple backgrounds and pencil grayscale are the art's vices.
Story: 5. Well rounded story, especially for characters. Here's wishing for a little more dynanacism and spotlight on the other characters.
Upkeep: 4. You get what you need and more. Could use some fine-tuning, but looks nice for the most part. Here's to wishing there was a more in-depth FAQ, and maybe information about the authors/general comic.
Final Grade: 4. Strong balance overall. I'm not surprised that this comic has a suitable following and holds 3rd on BCX. Its strength is in characters. Its weakness is in details. It has everything it needs to be a good comic, it has everything to be above average, but a lacking something to make it shoot up and above other comics, it's at a four. Realistic characterization are a big strength.

Closing Remarks
I enjoyed this comic a lot more than I expected. Today I received another comic request as well, so I'll add that to my list ahead of EGS (since someone suggested that I review that, rather than being author request).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Barista Girl

Banner from

Ed Note: Small typographical updates

TITLE: Barista Girl

Misc. Info
Author: "Ratchet DuPwah"
Other Works: N/A
Started: January 7, 2008
Number of Comics: Almost 100
Voting: No
Incentives: N/A
Incentive Updates: N/A
Genre: Work Humor
Rating: T - Heavy course language. By the second comic, this comic is sure to expand the vocabulary of young readers in a bad direction. A lot. Occasional violence. Rarely blood, but certainly murder.
Notes: Chosen by request. First "blog" comic. This will be the penultimate review of Season 1 of Read My Complaints. Be sure to join us for Season 2, which won't have any gap of time between it at all. I just thought I'd split them into seasons every 4 reviews for the lulz. More to the point, I learned what a "Barista" is from "Questionable Content", I think I should look forward to this. I'm a fan of sarcasm, and the first page seems to be a good sign for me.

Coloring: Black/Pen; Inked
Style: Unique, some American influences.
Effort: Art varies a lot. It will go strip to strip looking good and back, varying with little rhyme or reason. While I have no trouble what's going on, and the style has definitely improved, it still has a lot of refining to do, as well as finding a 'happy medium'. Look into doing color: the few that you colored looked great.
General: People's clothes change. While they wear them. This can be confusing for when you're trying to get a hold of who is who. A lot of shirts say one thing in one panel and by the end it's cycled through several unique shirts. While this is amusing at first, it makes it very hard for a new reader to grapple with faces for new characters. I guess you don't need to know anyone but the main character? There might be other important characters, but with no names and little plot importance for them, they all sorta become faceless. Distinguish your characters and have a reason for them. That's not to say that Barista Girl doesn't do things right. Action scenes are nice, and there's excellent panel variation. The nice frenetic feeling that the comic gives off is good considering the action. Emotions don't often variate from 'bored', 'angry', 'annoyed', or 'stupid' though. Some variation would be nice.

Background: Basically the story is about the pains of being a Barista. There isn't really a plot, so much as there is a girl dealing with a sucky job.
Complexity: This one's pretty flat. Nothing too complex, you can take it for face value here.
Continuity: It's basically like a story without a plot. It jumps randomly, and a lack of color makes it impossible to tell the time of day. Suffice to say, you could accept this as a series of running one-shot comics that are chronological and are all canon. The closest thing you get to a story is that at one point the BG quits and is unemployed a comic or two, then gets another. At another coffee shop. So close to character development... and yet so far. Lots and lots of fillers, though.
Clarity: Pretty clear. Nothing much to follow. You'd probably get it more if you're into indie stuff. And coffee.
Substructure: Once in a while there is a label. There was a 6 comic storyline, the title of which I can't use in present company (apparently I get thrown out if I go "overboard"). Other than that? Nada.
Draw: The main draw here is complaints. People like to complain, misery loves company, and people like to hear complaining. That's why I named my reviews "Read my Complaints".
Overall: I may have missed something, but I don't think any of the cast has a name. There's the main character, who complains, a coworker who isn't good at his job but gets paid more, and a myriad of customers, all of whom are depicted as idiots. I'm not saying it's not true (I've never worked in a coffee shop), but that's how it plays out. I find it ironic that she is continually called a Barista Girl, however, when a Barista's job is expressly to mix drinks, and she refuses to deviate from a set menu. By the by, this is basically a no-plot story about a girl who hates her job, and it just continuously cuts to another seen where the main character is seen suffering. Combined with the color scheme, it feels very emo. Bear in mind that while I say they could all be one-shots, they are all about the same person and I in chronological order, it's just that no event seems to effect anything outside its own comic. Without a plot, it seems a running chain of jokes that's purpose is only humor and violence. Or maybe humor as a result a violence. Since the author is a Barista (I assume, from the blog posts), this comic may be their way of venting. It's funny, if you're into people being mad.

Update: This comic updates pretty much without any warning. I had to search hard for a schedule: on the first comic, the "blog" update says it updates Mondays and Fridays. Aha! Looking at the dates on the comic, it's clear that there is no real pattern here. Three or four days feels like a good estimate for this one, but I've seen fluxes go from one day to seven as quickly as one comic to the next, and its follower.
Site Design: Okay, so BG is hosted by PPP (Papal Petrol Productions, which doesn't make any sense lest you simply wanted a bit of alliteration for the letter P. The Pope rarely deals in oil. So rarely, in fact, his oil glands have probably all dried up. But enough about names and elderly religious leaders.) and set up with ComicPress. Fair enough, but it feels very bloggish. To the point where I have serious doubts it's not a blog. You get a blog with author comments for every update, which is not uncommon, and below that blog responses. Well, I guess that throws the need for a forum out the window. On the other hand, they have a nice layout for everything else (they even have a shop: surprising in something so new, possibly suggesting a fairly devout fanbase). They have the standard "Contact", "Home" and "Shop", suffice to say, while an Archive and Forum are unneeded since they appear on each page. What IS shocking missing is some form of FAQ or Cast page. I think this is a must for webcomics: you need a place to inform your readers, especially new ones. People want to know what kind of comic it will be before it begins, so they can see if they will like it (in my experience, at least).
Comic Navigation: I'll be honest with you. I skipped down here just so I could say this one now. There is no latest button, and the only 'first' button is on the main page. Ouch. Aside from that, there is a nifty calendar with which you can quick nav to a date, if you know it. On that page, there is no forward/back, you have to click the picture to go to that 'post', at which you can navigate. A little confusing, but intuitive enough. The lack of buttons hurts my soul though, especially considering it can be hard to pick out. There's no search option, and while a 'first' button may not be necessary on every slide, and you can use the home button to get to the latest, it makes me cry myself to sleep at night knowing there's not one here.

Art: 3. Art could use work. It's shaky, it's messy, but you can always tell what's going on. I've never had trouble identifying a scene. There are a lot of fillers, and there could be more effort, but that's clearly not what this comic is about. If you'd give us more story and less fill, and you'd put a little more effort in (those colored strips, where they were, were big improvements in my opinion)... and maybe distinguished between characters, I would kick it up a notch. I like the art on a core level, but some parts look downright ugly. To contrast, pages right next to that can look great. I think you need more time to refine your style.
Story: 1. Story is nonexistant. The longest running 'story' took 6 strips. It's pretty much all one-shots. Somewhere else in there there was a sequence of 3 that seemed to be more than just one-shots, as they were related.
Upkeep: 2. There is just so much to improve. This is a weak point. Make getting around a little easier for us, and I think it will help a lot. An FAQ or cast page would be an even better step in the right direction. A solid update schedule, though, is what I'm pulling for the most. The reason I'm inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt and push you up to 2 is that you did a whole lot right, but sadly these three things are pretty vital. I'm not saying 'slow down so that your fans have to wait', but I do think that having a schedule will not only make life easier on you (not in a constant rush to get your next comic out, and if you stack up, you can save them for later updates), but it will also make things easier for your readers when they know when to expect the next comic. The fact that you have a subscribe button here must be a Godsend: otherwise people would have no idea when to look.
Final Grade: 2. This comic has its ups and downs. While it may lack in the common areas of comic analysis, it has its strengths in something we can't measure, which is that it was designed to be a humorous comic. However, that is all a matter of taste, so I can't remain objective of it. Simply put, I'm scaling this comic with the best in the business, and on a scale of 5, 1 does not mean that you should avoid it like the plague. Look into it if it interests you. If you like violence, sarcasm, and anger in a comic, look into it. But what I can say is that if you aren't interested from the beginning, that is unlikely to change.

Closing Remarks
This isn't necessarily a 'bad comic'. If you're reading it for the humor of anger, then more power to you, but nonetheless, I grade hard and there are great expectations. Sadly, this comic, while good in its own respects, can only put up two indie girls fighting against public idiocy out of five.


Banner from


Misc. Info
Author: "Flora Li"
Other Works: "Some Untitled Ragnarok Comic"
Started: February 7, 2007
Number of Comics: 147
Voting: TWC And BCX
Incentives: Yes
Incentive Updates: Weeklyish
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Real Life, Magic
Rating: G - Fun for the whole family. Apparently the author goes to great pains to make a certain wyvern not curse like a drunken sailor.
Notes: I have to admit, I love this author. Without even reading anything about her, her works, or the comic, the snarky self and character deification in the comics is just sarcastically entertaining to say the least. Not only that, but each time she writes a comment for a comic, it's a couple sentences. Something you might actually read. And it pertains to the comic! What a revolution!

Coloring: Color
Style: Manga
Effort: Wow. That's impressive. Characters look nice, well done, and are easy to distinguish. Backgrounds are fantastic outside, though indoors gets the 'lazy gray' syndrome, which the author admits to. Another thing the author comments on is an inability to draw fight scenes. You'll get a couple good ones, but others indeed look static. Nothing big, the rest makes up for it.
General: Not only does this comic make good use of art skills, but it does a fantastic job with special effects. Blurs are great for making less-than-perfect backgrounds whole, and nothing feels out of place. The comic feels very natural and looks like the kind of art you would expect on a published work. I did note before that fight scenes occasionally look static, and once in a while people look to be photo-shopped in (maybe not far from the truth), but overall it looks fantastic.

Background: There are three dimensions. The happy one where things are cool, the evil one where people are up to no good for sure, and the human one. I would assume based on the looks of Zimbabwe, Georgia, early 1900s Germany, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the current social state of affairs in Korea and Vietnam that we're the evil realm, but it turns out that we're not. They're "Daemonikhans".
Complexity: The author can indeed confuse you at times. It's definitely clear they have the story planned out, but the execution can seem a little weird at times. Characters, however, appear to have some pretty well rounded personalities.
Continuity: No fillers. At all. I like that a lot, because I enjoy this story. One story arc, so it all goes with the flow.
Clarity: My one gripe is with Clarity. You flashback with absolutely no warning and no way to distinguish. I was only able to tell from comic comments!
Substructure: Yes. Very well done.
Draw: This story is immersive. I have to stumble through a lot of comics, and even 100 pages can seem like a lot then. I had no such problems here. It's like watching a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat (not really, not so much adrenaline here), or even more so reading a really good book. You want to see how it plays out. I was shocked to find I was at the end of the archives so quickly.
Overall: The author presents us with two shortcomings. The first should be obvious: there's clearly not much creativity when it comes to naming things. "Daemonikhans" are evil. The macguffin of the piece is The Key (perhaps even the key to the plot). There's just no way someone from their realm could be good. But I guess social stereotyping is a bit of a leap, and since it was in character and not proven yet (almost to the contrary, it seems, as one major character might be an "evil" Daemonikhan), and it's understandable for one character to generalize a race ignorantly. The second is clarity. Without warning, and with no way to distinguish them, there will be flashbacks. There will be a lot. Read the comic comments or you can get lost. All the same, a powerful showing from the author in story.

Update: Wednesday and Saturday. And according to page info (which does not lie), she doesn't miss a date. Nice.
Site Design: Site design is great. Gives you everything you need and more, easy to access, intuitive interface. Chatbox is an extra plus.
Comic Navigation: Not only does this have the standard first/previous/archive/next/latest, it is organized in the archives by PAGE NUMBER AND CHAPTER. Somewhere, the Gods of organization have smiled upon this kindred spirit.

Art: 5. From the get-go, I was disappointed that this author was making it so hard to complain. By the end, I was stunned by good effort, art, and update schedule. Very impressive. Work on placement and fight scenes, and watch out for lazy background syndrome: it's on the rise. However, the problems weren't enough to push you down to a four.
Story: 4. Story is somewhat hindered by the fact that it can skip without clarity. Characters also all seem to be not surprised by portals. Is it coinscience that everyone of relevance to another dimension lives in the same town and goes to the same school? I guess so. Otherwise, characters and story seem good.
Upkeep: 5. Fantastic is all I have to say. Dedication to updates, good organization, and a strong site make for happy fans.
Final Grade: 5. The 4 on the story just wasn't enough to bring it down. This comic deserves a fanbase, and I've never said that about any comic: if it was good in my book, it had a huge community of followers. I followed a link at random on TWC at slot 30. This was not expected.

Closing Remarks
I really wanted to hold off on giving something a 5 for quite some time. It's hard to get a reputation as a complainer if you praise someone, but upon reading this comic I was already feeling pressure to give it a 5. On top of that, once I filled out my own rubric, I found it also recommended a 5. Disappointing for me, good for you. For impressing me so much, I'm proud to award the author with my own poorly made QQ Award of Merit. Congrats.