Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm back. And I have less vengeance

So the review on Y2CL was a bust for two reasons.

First: it's a lagfest. To read any portion of that comic takes forever because they have crappy servers and way too many adds.

Second: I felt really bad about it. First, my tone was just incredibly condescending. Second, here's an excerpt: Not only is it intolerant, racist, insensitive, objectified women, constantly makes lowbrow toilet and sex humor, but the characters are less than utterly flat. They transcend the plane of boring, flat, unrounded, cliche, and scarecrow characters. They literally make no sense at all. These characters actually score negative on a characterization scale, and that's not making an insult. There's no 'rubric' column for something this utterly pathetic. The 'latest' update was somewhat amusing, so I thought this would be an amusing satire comic like xkcd. I was very wrong. Go to any page (I've only been through the first 40) and you'll see it. But on top of that, the page is so laggy due to miserable servers and loading pages with ads. he skips logic completely and treats fillers as canon, though I'm not sure if the storyline is supposed to have any logical backing since it features a naked fairy princess that seems to love the MC despite his constant jacking off with friends. Y2CL, which I would like you to remember stands for "Y2 Christ Light", alternates between utterly failing to produce a storyline (or any form of clarity, for that matter), and making nonsensical one-shots that make seemingly less sense. I pity the poor soul who ever lies eyes on Y2 Christ Heavy. Or normal for that matter. The comic is the epitome of low-brow "humor" that probably encourages the authors to keep their identities anonymous to prevent the mass suicide of their families.

Suffice to say I wasn't pleased, and I thought if I posted an entire review of that, especially one at an author's request, I'd only be beating a dead horse. The comic puts out some legitimately funny material in their later comics (much, much later), but anything involving its convoluted storyline should be kept away from at all costs. Their one-shots are pretty good though.

Alright, Alright. I'll bugger off this coil of thought and get working on that next review. Sigh. Burned most of the day reading that slow comic. v.v


Bengo said...

jh3 Knows he walks a tough path. I've never asked him his motives, because when he connects, he's great. To me, he is young and evolving.

And he has solid friends, so don't sweat him being bent about it. I can't speak for him but I think he's heard worse.


Anonymous said...

I think the strength of Y2CL lies in it's ability to connect with readers in an almost incomprehensible way. It's just fascinating to see such a contradiction of work unfold as you read: it's shameful and shameless, stylish and style-less, and at its best it's dumb and brilliant. I relate to it a very real way. In it I see my relationships with both my friends and my inner child, who thinks a pissed off Santa is hilarious and that zombie ninjas really ARE the coolest things ever.